Frequently asked questions

How do I add a new Product?

Step1: From the home screen, click on Products. This will open up the Product Add page Step2: In the Product Add Page,

  • Enter the name of the Product
  • Brand is optional
  • Choose one of the default categories(0_GST, 5_GST, 12_GST ... ) to set the Tax %
  • Set the price(MRP, Cost Price, SSP(Selling Price), Stock). If unsure, set it as zero
  • Bar code is optional
Step3: Click on Update Please refer the FAQ on "What is a Category in the Sales Invoice Page" to understand adding tax rates other than the default ones

What is a Category in the Sales Invoice Page?

There are some default categories like, 0_GST, 5_GST, 12_GST etc This will choose the corresponding tax rate. While adding a new product to the database, it is better you create a Category which matches to the categorisation of a product. A category may refer to a family of product with the same HSN ID. For instance, in a garment outlet, Cotton Shirts, T-Shirts, Linen Shirts might all have the same HSN, say 4669, which could attract 5% GST. Create a Category, called Shirts, and assign this category to the above products.

  1. From the home page, click on HSN icon
  2. Create HSN 4669 and assign 5%, on the right hand table
  3. Create Category, say, Shirts and assign HSN 4669 on the left hand table
  4. When you create a product entry, choose the category as Shirts, and the corresponding HSN and GST% will automatically get mapped

How do I change the bill print format?

Gst Pro, supports 3.1" Paper roll, 4" Paper roll and A5 size paper currently.

  1. From the home screen, click on Settings icon
  2. Choose the preferred paper size under, Printer Settings
  3. Click on save

How do I create an invoice?


  1. From the home screen, click on Sale
  2. Type the product name
  3. Enter quantity
  4. Enter price
  5. Click on the Add button
  6. Click on Save and Print
  • Use TAB to move from one control to the next
  • Press F1 to Save and print a bill

Can I include the tax in the item rate, and not show it separately?

Yes, you can. Go to settings, choose Include GST option under Invoice Settings

What is the cost of the Software?

Free of cost! No hidden charges

Is composition tax supported?

Yes, it is. Please choose the tax type from Settings page

How do I choose IGST, instead of GST(CGST and SGST)?

The software takes care of this. Once you select the Customer's State, the software will automatically choose between interstate GST(IGST) and intra state GST(CGST and SGST)

How does this software help me to file my GST Returns?

The software simplifies GSTR1 and GSTR3B filing.

  • Go to Tax Report from Home screen
  • Choose the tax period(either monthly or quarterly)
  • Generate report
  • Use the CSV file to file your tax returns

Are keyboard shortcuts supported?

Yes. While creating an invoice: - Function Key F1, will save and print the bill - Use TAB, to move to the next logical control

Can I create User accounts?

There are 3 default users that the software supports. 1. User 2. Priority User 3. Admin From the settings page, you can set various access levels for User and Priority User. Admin will have access to all the features of the software. Default Passwords - User has no password - Priority User: user - Admin: admin

How can I download the software?

When you open the site from a Windows PC, you will see the download link on the home page. You can download the software for free from this link.

How to delete an item?

- Go to products page from home screen - Select an item from the listing. There is an option to mark the item as Inactive. This will delete the item from listing

Can I see my profit over a period of time?


  • Go to Sales reports
  • Choose the time period and then click on Get Reports
  • You can see bill wise sales and profit
  • By clicking on Summary tab, you can see the sales summary for the chosen period

Can I control access to the software?

Yes, you can provide different levels of access to different users.

  • Go to settings page. Login as admin
    • Name: admin
    • Password: admin
  • Once you are logged in as admin, you can give different levels of access to User and Priority User accounts, by choosing the login and the check boxes
Note: You can change the password for Admin and Priority user. There is no password for User account

Can I use this software outside of India?

The software is primarily designed for India. However one can use it outside of India too. Please use the below settings for use outside of India: - Go to the settings page - In Company details section, select the State as "Not Applicable" - In the Invoice section, choose the currency as "Others". The currency will be taken from your Language/Region preferences under system settings(Windows)

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